McKay Empire uses a quality system in both the Regina, Saskatchewan and Cleveland, Ohio facilities. Our quality system assures that the products and services produced by this company have consistent high quality to ensure that you, the customer, will always receive products that meet your specifications.

Mission Statement

McKay Empire serves the needs of customers for hot stamped, formed or heat treated steel products. The company is committed to be the recognized specialist in the design and manufacture of earth engaging components for agricultural, lawn and garden applications. We offer our customers high quality products at competitive prices.

We conduct our business by high ethical standards in all our activities and dealings with customers, employees and the general public. Employee compensation is fair and adequate with equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those qualified.

We maintain a safe and clean work environment and conduct our business in a manner that is responsive to environmental issues and issues of public concern as they pertain to our manufacturing operations.

Our primary geographic market is North America. We will pursue global market opportunities commensurate with our technical, marketing and manufacturing expertise.

We maintain a reputation for innovative enterprise. We are committed to the development of new products and processes, and to adapting our products to changing demands as indicated by market surveys, trends in the industry and technological change. We provide our customers with personalized technical support to help them achieve improvements in cost reduction, productivity and quality.

We pursue a goal of maintaining and increasing our share of the markets in which we operate in a manner that is profitable to our stakeholders, and which provides rewarding opportunities for growth and for the advancement of our employees.